She was a lonely dog, abandoned by her owner and subjected to terrible treatment. But then something incredible occurred.

According to Moho, this sad puppy was found on August 20th. At the first glance at her you can imagine how much she was suffering.

People threw stones / garbage at her, kicked her away, allowed her to be bitten by other dogs, just because she is very ugly. When the rescue crew that found her pulled her out, almost all her hair was gone.

Fortunately, the unfortunate Juana has not yet lost her appetite , she has completed all the food, and this is rather vital for recovery. However, the problem with her skin is worse than they imagined, in the first 3 days she only kept itching and bleeding.

With Intensive Skin Treatment Amid Juana’s great appetite, around 5 days, her skin has become much better. She also needs to shave off all her old hair, to allow new hair to grow and simpler for the skin a topical cream.

Juana is in 2 weeks after being rescued for her first walk in the sun in years

Due to the great skin effect, almost a month later, the new hair has not yet fully grown for Juana’s case. Her hair is stuck, she’s healing and surrounded by affection, kisses, they talk to her gently and she wagged her tail.

Juana also found her new Mom 2 months after she was rescued. It’s how wonderful it is in her new home. It seems that she has the best mother on the planet, to live surrounded by affection, give me her first smiles and kisses…

After 2 years, it’s different now, isn’t it? She’s in a house full of love!!!

“Juana is an angel, it’s really an honor, an incredible joy to be by her side today,”said her mother.