Pregпaпt… the feaг, paiп, sadness, distгess…she must experienced due to heaгtless humaп!

A pregnant Samoyed got badly injured (burn wounds) when a breedingfarm caught fire.

As he needed to go to the hospital for treatment himself, he needed to get rid of the dog.

He sold it to a slaughterhouse owner and that butcher contacted Bo He, if she was interested in the dog. ( She rescued dogs from him before)

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Of course Bo He took the fur soul and brought it to the vet, where she’s now getting treatment for her injuries. We can only hope she and her unborn babies will make it.

She’s worth it, they all are… Day 1: Making progress…
Come on baby, you can do it!

Day 3: She’s so brave…
Her burned fur has been removed,

watch her whole journey in below video