She decides to turn around after spotting a clump of hair on the road, which leads to a momentous realisation that leaves her deeply affected

Kristyn Gamblain was traveling to work when she stumbled upon a little black lump at the foot of one of the highway barriers.

She barely noticed the furball for a fraction of a second before it vanished, but as she went on her walk, she was struck by an idea she couldn’t dismiss.

He couldn’t stop wondering whether that hazy black ball was a creature in distress who needed assistance.

Kristyn couldn’t help but feel that she had just left behind a vulnerable person in danger, despite the fact that it was only a supposition; she didn’t think about it any longer and swiftly turned back.

It was difficult for her to recall precisely where she’d seen the probable baby, so she slowed down a little, even if it irritated the vehicles behind her.

Kristyn recognized her suspicions were correct as soon as she stepped out of the car. The hairy black ball was a sad kitten that had become entangled in the highway fender and required immediate assistance.

The unfortunate tiny animal had managed to become caught in the narrow area between two barriers. As Kristyn drove, he saw that half of his little body was trapped while the bottom half could move about freely.

“I was in such shock and awe that he was still alive,” Kristyn explained.

A few minutes later, a few police cars came to a halt to control traffic and secure the rescuers’ safety.

The woman was so appreciative that she trusted her instincts and returned to assist, not expecting even the police to arrive.

“After being freed, he made a small meow and then burrowed into my arms, seeming a little surprised but relieved,” Kristyn recalled.

Kristyn quickly responded yes when one of the cops inquired if she wanted to keep the cat. Despite the fact that she had just adopted a new cat the week before. De he Jersey was Kristyn’s new pet’s name.