She cried in the car as I drove her away from the cemetery, missing her mother

We received a video asking for help for the dogs They roam around in a cemetery, there were 2 puppies there But when we arrived there was only one puppy left

She fell behind because she got caught in the bushes She was very scared when she lost her mother We needed to take her away She almost cried when we got into the car

she lost her mother and we were strangers If I were her I would cry all day The puppy was afraid to take the test Turns out she was sick and had blood diarrhea

Meanwhile, she was negative for enteritis Wandering dogs often went to the cemetery There are few people around and they are safe But that means they get sick quickly

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Meanwhile, we planned to find her family It took us two days to find the mother dog We took the puppy to the vet when we saw her crying She was tired, so she fell asleep for a while But she was worried when she couldn’t see her mother She was also sick just like her little sister

We hope nothing serious happens to her And the mother dog, we took her to the shelter Her health was nothing to worry about she would be well taken care of here Soon she would get used to living here and love life

And the puppy was very hungry at that time She’s never eaten anything like this in her life. She’s got everything eaten quickly, with no leftovers There was a crack in the lower jaw and it festered She had a wound next to her head Most likely, the crow picked up We had to leave her at the vet for two weeks

In addition, high doses of antibiotics were required Unfortunately she also had diarrhea just like her sister The drip made her feel uncomfortable She always wanted to get the tube out The journey ahead was still long We were counting down the days to be fired Meanwhile, joy came to her sister Hanni The girl was fired and returned home A wonderful new life awaited her But the troubles didn’t stop with Chloe

She has a red and itchy rash on her body The doctor concluded she had lichen. So she had to stay longer for treatment. During that time I was always by her side. Thanks to that, her love for me grows every day. She was even adopted before her sister. After all the hardships, she found happiness. A family with the people she loves.

She often went for a walk with her owner In the end, our efforts paid off And Hanni had been with us all along She is an innocent and curious puppy She always wants to discover everything It’s great to have her by my side She would soon find a family like her sister A heartwarming ending for the puppies Goodbye and see you in the next article


Source: Animal Shelter