Service dog gives his life in order to protect a blind owner from a school bus

A loyal guide dog showcased remarkable bravery by protecting his visually impaired owner from a mini school bus heading their way.

Audrey Stone and her service dog, Figo, were crossing the street when the school bus driver failed to notice them. Luckily, Figo was quick to react and threw himself at the nearest part of the vehicle to protect his owner.

As per the reports of USA Today, the Chief of Police named John Del Gardo from Brewster praised Figo for his heroic act. He mentioned that the dog saved Stone’s life by taking most of the impact and refused to leave her side. Despite the arrival of fifteen EMTs to aid Stone, Figo insisted on staying with her and responding to her calls. As a result of the accident, Stone suffered from multiple injuries, including a fractured elbow and ankle, along with three broken ribs.

Figo suffered a severe cut on his right leg and was attended to by emergency medical technicians who bandaged it. Despite being in considerable pain, Figo remained composed and did not whimper or bark during the commotion. Unfortunately, Figo could not ride with Stone in the ambulance, so he was transported to the veterinarian’s clinic in the Brewster Fire Department truck.

Figo and Stone are currently recuperating from their respective surgeries and are in stable condition at the hospital. Figo’s display of courage and selflessness is truly admirable. Spread the word about his heroic deed to your loved ones!