Senior Cat Owner Reunites with Loved Pet After Transferring to Nursing Home

Nancy Cowen, a senior citizen, welcomed a homeless feline into her home and gave it the moniker Cleo.


Unfortunately, after 8 years of being together, Nancy and Cleo had to separate when Nancy moved into a care home called Bramley House in Westcott, Sussex. Cleo was then taken in by a neighbor. However, it seems that Cleo had a different plan in mind because a few weeks later, a cat started hanging around the care home, looking through the windows, and sleeping on the benches in front of the building. The staff found the friendly wanderer endearing, but it took them two weeks to discover who the mysterious new resident was.

cleo 1

According to Laura Costello, a staff member at Bramley House, something unusual happened about two weeks after Nancy became a resident there. A cat started showing up and sleeping on the benches outside the home. The staff found it strange, but one day, another carer picked the cat up, and Nancy commented that it looked like her cat. She then mentioned that her cat had lost part of her tail in a traffic accident. Upon checking the cat’s tail, the staff confirmed that this was indeed Nancy’s cat, Cleo.

cleo 2

According to Costello, he was clueless about how Cleo managed to locate Nancy since it was quite a distance from her previous residence. However, it’s fortunate that the nursing home allowed Nancy to keep her beloved cat, and they could spend their twilight years together. Leslie Thomas, the caregiver, expressed her delight at the heartwarming reunion. It’s common belief that dogs are the only loyal pets, but there are numerous cats out there that could debunk this assertion!