Saving Dogs Trapped on an Outside Area During Hurricane Florence – Unforgettable Boat Rescue

Amidst the historic flooding caused by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, several courageous locals are venturing into the submerged neighborhoods of Jacksonville to rescue those who might be stranded due to the high waters.

They are also on the lookout for pets that may have been left behind by their owners.

After ensuring that there were no occupants in the house, the rescuers proceeded to load the two canine companions onto the boat.

As the boat takes in the drenched dogs, they let out a sigh of relief and their tails start to wag with joy. They seem to be enjoying the view of the flooded surroundings from the comfort and security of the boat.

As soon as the rescuers managed to get the dogs to safety, they had a discussion on the best course of action for the furry buddies.

With so many animal shelters and volunteers willing to help out with the crisis, we are confident that the two pups will be well taken care of. It’s a relief to know that their lives are no longer in peril.

The animal rescuers are doing more than just rescuing dogs. During one of their missions, they noticed a scared cat jumping into the water and quickly went to save him. They were able to save both the cat and another animal in the process.