Roni was treated like an alien, isolated and mistreated desperately seeking help

People treated Roni like a monster, shunned and stoned his frail body. Those daily actions filled him with endless fears Every day he wanders the streets, subject to the ridicule of people.

Because his face is weird due to having a giant ball on his face, This always makes him feel guilty and avoid the eyes of many people. His breathing was bad and the ball was so big that it exposed the skin near the eye area.

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The huge tumor seemed to engulf his face. it seemed to spread in his eye sockets causing his vision to narrow..

We don’t know what disease Roni has, I am deeply saddened by the plight of this poor dog he still wags his tail when we appear because he knows that we are his hope This boy really wants to live. He is full of energy and constantly wags his tail.

Roni’s whole life has gone through a lot of suffering, So he has to live and the rest of his life and he has to be happy. We thank you for your comments to help the channel grow and share human values.

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