Rescuers Hear Crying Coming From Drainpipe And Pull Out Someone Tiny

Fortunately, the Kloof and Highway SPCA were able to locate her just in time. It was late October when they were notified about a small creature who had become stuck. Pip, a scared puppy, had sought refuge in an open drainpipe during the Diwali festivities, which included loud fireworks that frightened her. But the quick response of the SPCA ensured that she was safely rescued.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA came to the aid of a family whose puppy had gone missing. The puppy was found trapped inside a pipe, and despite the family’s best efforts, they could not coax her out. Ndonie Shezi, one of the puppy’s owners, said they stayed up until 9 p.m. trying to rescue her, but she remained stuck. They tried again at 5 a.m., but when they were still unsuccessful, they called in Petros Simamane, an inspector from the Kloof and Highway SPCA, who came to help.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA were faced with a tough rescue mission when Simamane discovered a trapped puppy in a drain. In order to free the pup, Simamane had to use a spade and pickaxe to dig into the ground and cut the pipe. However, the rescue was not without its challenges as the puppy had moved further back into the drain. Simamane described how the pup had been going backwards and had fallen into a drop, making it impossible for her to climb back up.

Simamane needed a drain camera to rescue a puppy stuck in a drain and contacted a local company called Ganga Plumbers for help. Even though Rishi Haripersad had another job lined up, the company’s director gave him permission to help rescue the puppy. Haripersad used the camera to search the drain and found Pip about 60 feet in.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA discovered a drainpipe that had an additional opening on the opposite side of a fence, which allowed them to initiate excavation.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA recently had a heartwarming rescue mission. One of their workers named Simamane worked tirelessly to save a young puppy named Pip who was stuck in a drain. It took hours, but Simamane finally pulled Pip out of the drain, and despite being caked in mud and exhausted, the puppy started to feel better after receiving lots of care and attention. Pip was given a warm bath, fed, and checked by a veterinarian before spending time recovering at the shelter. Finally, Pip was able to return home to her family, safe and sound. This is just one of many incredible rescues that the Kloof and Highway SPCA perform on a regular basis.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA recently rescued a helpless puppy that was stuck in a drainpipe. Haripersad, one of the rescuers, expressed his satisfaction in having helped the pup. The rescue was a success and the puppy, named Pip, has grown into a healthy and cheerful dog. It is unlikely that Pip will fit into a drainpipe ever again, as she has grown too big.