Rattlesnake bite is brave dog’s attempt to save owner

There is no greater love than that of a dog. They will definitely do anything for the people they love, include taking a snake bite.

That is exactly what happened to Alex Loredo, who has his dog Marley to thank for saving him from a potentially lethal situation.

The 18-year-old who lives in the San Diego area of California was at his home when he encountered the reptile. He was busying himself doing laundry when he heard the dryer cycle end.

His family’s dryer was outside behind the home, so he had to go out to check on his laundry, and that is where he came face-to-face with the rattlesnake.

That is when the seven-year-old Labrador, Marley, came to his rescue. As Alex explained to NBC San Diego, “Before I could even turn, Marley had run out the door, pushed me out of the way, and gotten in between the snake and me.”

The rattlesnake ended up biting Marley. Alex was scared for his dog, thinking that he was going to die. As he stated, he was terrified that the bite meant that he was going to lose his “best friend.”

As soon as the snake fled the site, he was able to jump into action. Both Alex and his mother rushed to get Marley to their local vet’s office, but they were unable to treat him there according to a GoFundMe post. Instead, they told him to go to a veterinary hospital 25 minutes away!

The entire ride over to the vet, all Alex could worry about was that his dog was going to end up passing away before he even made it to the hospital to get a fighting chance.

Luckily, they got him there just in the nick of time, and the vet was able to treat Marley for his injuries. According to the GoFundMe, the vet told Alex that Marley was in critical condition and “they would do everything they can to save him, but they will need the ‘resources’ to continue his treatment first.”

They quoted him $9,000, which Alex didn’t have. After emptying his savings and opening a credit line with the vet’s office, he was able to get the life-saving treatment that Marley needed.

The dog had ended up getting bitten on the tongue and neck. Despite such a severe injury, after two days at the vet’s office, Marley was able to return home, though it wasn’t without some nerve damage.

Alex updated the GoFundMe, stating that Marley was healing well, though he’d need regular check-ups and months of B vitamins. However, he was able to end his expensive therapy which they expected would need to last much longer for Marley’s recovery.

The beautiful dog is now being honored as a hero, and we’re so glad he’s healing and getting back to himself.