Rare Two-Headed Calf Born at Lion’s Head Farm

On April 6th a rare two-headed calf was born on Jeff & Roberta Mielhausen’s Lion’s Head farm. Known as polycephaly (the condition of having more than one head), the calf was found “alert and bawling out of both mouths” said Mielhausen.

The mother unfortunately died giving birth, and after several unsuccessful attempts to get the calf to feed, it had to be euthanized. 

Despite the outcome, the very rare birth was an exciting experience for the farmers and the veterinarian that was there to assist. 

Photo Credit: Roberta Mielhausen

There are many occurrences of multi-headed animals in cultural mythology. Hindu deities are often depicted with multiple arms or heads. The most commonly observed two-headed animals are turtles and snakes. (Wikipedia)

Watch Video of the same case with other farmer

Source: Bruce Peninsula Press

Unfortunately the survival rate for two-headed mammals is very low.