Puppy throwп over a fence was one step away from dеath, luckily timely rescue (VIDEO)

very day we witness an impressive number of abandoned and abused animals that continue to rise undaunted. And it’s always sad to hear stories like the one we’re about to tell about a puppy too.

The sweet little dog was thrown, as if nothing had happened, over a fence, as if it were a crack to be thrown in the dumpster. This puppy, who was not even a few months old, was at that point unable to sit up and was crying in pain. We wonder, why would anyone do such a horrible thing? Yet we are forced to tell such a terrible episode.

Luckily there are not only those who manage to spot dogs and puppies on the street, because there are those who also think about helping them. We need associations and realities that lend a hand because there are still those who think it is appropriate to throw an innocent and

defenseless puppy over a fence. It is a difficult scenario to deal with, and it also happens that those who want to save animals on private property receive complaints. it’s incredible but it happens more often than you think.

As soon as a passerby noticed a battered puppy inside a lot, beyond a fence, there seemed to be no hope. He seemed stunned by the blow he had received as he fell hard. 

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He couldn’t sit up and cried in pain, also showing obvious breathing problems. Probably his diaphragm had suffered a shock. So the man immediately started treating him with infusions for hydration and gave him some supplements.

While the man was rescuing the puppy, another lady arrived who didn’t want to leave him on the street or alone. The puppy was hungry and was even able to eat independently. 

It was undoubtedly horrific to witness the brutal treatment of innocent animals. The least you can do is give animals the love and attention they deserve and haven’t received. Luckily, the puppy immediately found someone who could take care of him and welcome him.

But we must also remember to push for tougher legislation and more serious consequences for the people who commit such terrible acts against animals. Together we can make a difference, we can see fewer and fewer stories like this and more well-being among all our animal friends.

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