Puppies Grow A Year While Running For Food In 1-Minute Timelapse

There isn’t much that is cuter than a little baby puppy. Although I think I may have found something just a tiny bit cuter. What’s that you ask?

Well, it’s two little baby puppies! Bleu and Colby are two adorable Golden Retriever puppies. Their owner decided that they were just too cute not to share with the world. Pretty much since day one they’ve been the best of friends.

But it’s what they do when it’s dinner time that’s hilarious. Just wait until you see what these two adorable dogs do.

Meet Bleu and Colby, they are two Golden Retriever puppies who are being raised together. This is them when they were just four weeks old.

Cheese Pups

Like most brothers, they love to wrestle for the same toys.

Cheese Pups

Check out this video showing the puppies time lapsed over a year. They have the same routine every night during dinner time:

Animals are definitely creatures of habit. They love to do the same thing every day, and if their routine is broken, they have no idea what to do! It’s nice to see that Bleu and Colby are the same. As soon as they hear the food hit the bowls, they are running in, sometimes clumsily, but nonetheless running in at full speed ahead.

With our animals, we give them a can of wet food every Sunday. It seems like they can keep track of the days of the week, because it never fails on Sunday they are constantly harassing us, staying close by, to ensure we don’t forget their wet food. What do your animals do that makes them a creature of habit? Now I kind of want to get a puppy, mostly to make a fun video like this.