Prince Snowflake, the area’s most eccentric feline, is currently in the spotlight.

Snowflake is a multi-talented individual who dabbles in modeling, acting, and magic. He possesses the unique skill of creating his own tricks and hearsay has it that he can even hold a conversation.

A public relations call was made to Washingtonian asking for coverage of a local “celebrity cat,” named Prince Snowflake, who has multicolored eyes and is adept at performing magic tricks. Following the call, Mary Ann Fisher of Shepherdstown, West Virginia was contacted, who relayed the incredible story of how Prince Snowflake was saved from certain death as a kitten and went on to become an accomplished magician, model, parade participant, and bringer of joy to people in the DC metropolitan area. Despite some healthy skepticism, further research confirmed that Prince Snowflake is indeed a real feline personality. Although not all of his claims can be independently verified, Fisher provided ample evidence of his many talents, including 43 photos and seven video clips sent over 21 emails. It is known that Prince Snowflake enjoys wearing various outfits, maintains numerous social media accounts, and has a distinctive beard resembling the American Chopper meme. He is scheduled to appear at the Silver Spring Thanksgiving Parade on November 19, 2022 if you want to meet him in person.

The Fisher family has a feline named Prince Snowflake who is quite the celebrity. This cat is not your average pet as he has an IMDB profile and has been featured in Oprah magazine. Prince Snowflake is a multi-talented cat who models, acts, and even performs magic. Yes, you read that right, he’s a magician! He has his own set of tricks that he performs, and he’s quite skilled at them. Rosie, the daughter of the Fisher family, revealed that Snowflake makes things appear and disappear with a little sleight of paw. He is even known to levitate a table in a unique way and has been heard talking into a microphone. Prince Snowflake is truly a fascinating cat.

The Fisher family shared how they discovered their cat’s talent for performance. It all started when he would always jump into Mary Ann’s arms whenever they went out, indicating his desire to go out too. They then took him to pet stores initially and he loved it, but soon, he wanted more. He wanted to participate in cat shows, where he won the Best Cat award. However, after a while, they found it boring and lacked excitement. Later, Rosie entered him into a contest for a high fashion calendar in New York City, which received over 1,000 entries. When they met him in person, they were thrilled with him, and he became Mr. November in 2014. Rosie proudly calls him the first quick-change fashion artist magician cat.

The Fisher family shared a unique talent of their cat Snowflake, who loves to dress up and change clothes quickly during their magic shows. Contrary to other cats, Snowflake enjoys wearing clothes and has a special way of communicating with his owners, almost like he speaks English. When they heard about an opportunity on Oprah’s show for dogs, they messaged the producers and introduced Prince Snowflake. The producers loved him and invited him to do a photoshoot for a cat scratcher that appears to be floating. Snowflake nailed the shoot and impressed everyone so much that they didn’t even need all the time they had booked.

The Fisher family provided a photo for reference. When asked if they make Snowflake’s outfits, Mary Ann confirmed that they do indeed create them all. When asked about their inspiration, Mary Ann revealed that it mainly comes from Snowflake himself. Rosie explained that when they’re making a new outfit, they’ll present different fabrics to Snowflake and ask him which one he likes best. He always chooses the fabric he wants, and they base the outfit off of that choice. Each show or event Snowflake performs in gets a new custom outfit that’s tailored to fit the theme of the occasion. The family finds Snowflake to be very inspiring and he encourages their creativity.

Prince Snowflake, a cat who has gained popularity among people, is loved by many due to the connection he creates with them. People offer to pay for his food, buy him clothing or even take loans for him. These reactions are amusing to Prince Snowflake’s owners, who do not always understand them. However, they believe that his ability to connect with people is what draws them towards him.

The Fisher family’s beloved cat Snowflake has an interesting origin story. It all began when Rosie, the youngest member of the family, expressed her wish for a white cat. Mary Ann, her mother, bought her a shirt that said “All I Want For Christmas Is” with a checkbox next to “a White Cat.” During a visit with Santa Claus, Rosie shared her wish and Santa promised to try his best to make it happen. While walking through a mall, they stumbled upon a humane society booth. The lady there stated that they never received white cats, but coincidentally, someone called to give up a white cat found in a car engine. The only problem was that the woman was unlikely to call back. A few days later, on Christmas Eve, they received a call from the animal shelter confirming that the woman had indeed called back. They went to see the cat, who had odd eyes of different colors. Mary Ann saw this as a sign from God, considering Rosie likes wearing mismatched socks and was teased about it in the past. The cat instantly formed a bond with them, and they knew he was meant to be theirs. Thus, Snowflake became a part of their family and a cherished companion.

The Fisher family shared their heartwarming story of rescuing their furry friend in need. They had their eyes set on the adorable puppy and were ready to take him home until they were informed about his dire health condition. The woman at the rescue center revealed that the little one was suffering from severe pneumonia, bronchitis, and herpes due to living outside. The vet even claimed that he was on his deathbed. However, the family refused to give up on him and sought treatment as if he were their own child. With their love and care, the pup made a miraculous recovery and is now 12 years old. They affectionately refer to him as “royal” since they believe they put him back on his throne.

The Fisher family provided a picture of their cat, Prince Snowflake. When they first acquired him, they were told he was a girl and named him Snowflake. But when they took him to the vet, they discovered he was a boy. To make the name more masculine, they decided on “Prince Snowflake,” which stuck. Another nickname that stuck is “two mommies,” even though Rosie is not technically a mother. Because Mary Ann is Armenian, people also started calling her his “Armenian mommy.” His full title has become “the royal magical Prince Snowflake, the celebrity cat with his two Armenian mommies.” Prince Snowflake responds well to his name, and it has become strong branding for the cat. Overall, the family enjoys having fun with their cat’s unique name and nicknames.

The Fisher family shared some funny and interesting facts about their cat, Snowflake. When they adopted him, the lady who found him had to choose between her boyfriend and the cat. Unfortunately, she chose the boyfriend, but the Fishers believe she made the wrong decision. Snowflake has an obsession with checking out sound equipment and even poses in front of it. He also likes to catch grasshoppers as a side hustle and enjoys boat rides and dining out with his bibs on. Despite his leisure activities, Snowflake has a busy schedule with parades, tree lightings, and Christmas shows to attend. The Fishers love chauffeuring him around and making him happy.