Policemen surprised with the cutest addition to the force after adopting a stray cat

In the city of Pusan, South Korea, a feline without an owner was spotted wandering around the Busan Police station. Suddenly, a police officer appeared on the scene and the cat started meowing loudly.

The law enforcers stumbled upon the fact that she had a thrilling surprise in store for them – she was expecting a baby!

It was a heartbreaking moment when they stumbled upon the lifeless bodies of the previous litter of kittens belonging to the mother cat. The unfortunate incident occurred a couple of months before they last saw her. Regrettably, the mother cat could only watch from afar as they buried her little ones. She disappeared after that and was nowhere to be found. That’s why they were overjoyed when she suddenly reappeared, heavily pregnant. This time, she gave birth to four little kittens while staying close to the guard post.

The officers were enamored with the little feline and went out of their way to create a comfortable spot for her. They even assisted in the birth of her kittens by cutting the umbilical cord.

The exquisite calico feline, known as Molang, was given her name due to the mystery surrounding her place of origin. No one can definitively trace her roots, hence the moniker “don’t know.”

The adorable Molang and her litter of kittens have found a new “job” at the police station in Busan. They have become a beloved fixture there, and everyone cannot get enough of their cute presence.

The felines at the police station are having a blast as the officers engage with them through playtime, providing food and even constructing makeshift beds from old boxes. As the kittens gradually grow up within the walls of the station, it’s evident that they’ve found a forever home.

These delightful police officers are responsible for ensuring the safety of Pusan’s community!