Pittie, a starving dog, becomes the bouncy puppy

He couldn’t stand her walk but he’d have a little tail wag and it said to us that he was going to try they received a call that there was a dog bound by the gutter

on first sight you wouldn’t even have thought that he was still living they just couldn’t believe that we were able to get there in time because this dog didn’t have much time left

he had minutes they brought him to an emergency animal hospital he only weighed 15 pounds he should have weighed another 20 or 30 pounds over that three days after he was released to one of our extremely experienced fosters

the first 24 hours he was very weak droopy ears droopy tail just a really sad looking puppy by day three and four he was wagging his tail his ears were a bit perkier by the end of the first week he was able to stand on his own walking a little bit can you help him honey so he doesn’t fall over

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the second week as he’s building up a little bit more energy he wanted to play good boy we have a really large rottweiler

who he was just excited to get out of this crate to engage with by the third week you know it’s getting him out on actual walks he kind of went from going to three feet on his own to being able to go down to the end of the street to around the block and eventually keeping up with our older dog

they realized that they no longer had a sick weekly puppy who’s hungry they had a really active puppy go to your room go to your room his coat was looking better the fur was coming in he’s just a perfect example of the puppy that wants to live

not just a physical change but also that emotional change week five or six was when they approached megan about adopting him tim works at the tattoo shop that they go to she brought him in you could just see it in his face that he just needed a loving home

and just had me hooked ever since then he was all up on the couch all on the bed he just fit in so well he knew that was gonna be his home my husband and they we have two other dogs they think it’s really good for him because they just drop around and play all the time it’s absolutely amazing seeing his transformation doesn’t even look like he’s the same dog his ability to love they think that

that’s the most admirable thing about him because he was treated so poorly but yet all he wants is to give love and that’s the best part about him.


Source: the dodo