People Notice a Dog in a Nativity Scene Manger, Only to Discover She Is Not Alone

In certain circumstances, paying closer attention to our surroundings may be unexpected and even pleasant, as seen in this example.

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, a charming Nativity scene was set up in a modest tent in Palenque’s main plaza. Several classic Christmas figures were displayed in a calm setting. Everything seemed to be usual until the townspeople saw an unexpected visitor. It found out that the manger had been seen by a stray dog who chose to use it as a refuge. But she wasn’t by herself!

One of those who observed the puppy curled up inside the tent was local journalist Eric Guzmán. Interestingly, the pooch, like Mother Mary, did not stop to just relax. She had given birth to a brood of lovely pups on the warm ground full with straw. The stray may have struggled to find a home for her infants, but she was fortunate to have spotted the manger.

“I was astounded and delighted to find that she had her pups in a sheltered spot where they wouldn’t get wet or cold,” Guzmán added. “It’s been chilly recently in Palenque, but it’s generally hot all year.”

When word got out about the pup family, many people from Palenque came to see them and provide them food and water. The neighbourhood was ecstatic to learn about the canines’ apparent meaning, and even local officials got involved. The authorities chose to keep the mother dog and her puppies.

Animal activists from Dejando Huellitas S.O.S. Palenque, on the other hand, attempted to care for and shelter the dogs. They intended to find these adorable puppies a permanent home after the holidays.

While Guzmán did not regard puppy birth as religious, he thought the narrative would improve public awareness about animals. “Hopefully, as citizens, we will become more conscious of dogs and will adopt strays [rather than purchase pets],” Guzmán said. “We should love dogs regardless of where they come from.”

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Source: Dodo