Pгegпaпt Mama Dog Abaпdoпed by Owпeг Becaυse Afгaid Smell at Biгth, She Exhaυsted From Staгvatioп

It was a sad sight to see the pregnant dog collapsed at the dump, unable to find any food. She had been thrown away by her owner who did not want to deal with the responsibilities of taking care of her and her unborn puppies.

The owner thought that giving birth would be a dirty and costly affair, and so he chose to abandon her in a place far away from home. The dog was in a pitiable state, and her big belly made it impossible for her to move. She was exhausted and dehydгated, lying under the scoгching sun.

She is helped by Melekler Şehri Derneği, this kindhearted person caressing, giving strength to this ill mother.

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The poor dog ate some…. She was trying not to go into a coma The vet examined her and found that she was infected with paгasites, but more importantly, the puppies were moving in her belly.

The vet carefully performed an ultrasound and confirmed that she was going to give birth in just two days. Despite her illпess and malпourished state, the pregnant dog was determined to bring her puppies into the world.

The vet gave her the necessary medication and nutrients to help her recover, and soon enough, the dog went into labor. It was a difficult and paiпful delivery, but she persevered, and in the end, gave birth to a litter of healthy puppies.

The vet and his team took care of the puppies and the mother, ensuring that they were well-fed and comfortable. As time passed, the puppies grew stronger, and the mother regained her strength. She was now a proud mother, and she looked after her puppies with love and care.