Owner gets overwhelmed with emotion as her dog with no front lеgs starts running with her first pair of pгosthеtics

Jamie was at a complete loss for words after watching Halo take off. One of the animals you may meet at the sanctuary is a Great Pyrenees puppy named Halo.

Halo was abandoned in a box by a breeder after the breeder decided she couldn’t be used.

Just like everyone else

But according to Wallace-Griner, she never seemed to be aware that she was different than the other dogs. She’s always been a sweet girl with a happy demeanor.

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New legs

In the past Halo has gotten around by hopping, but she recently received a pair of prosthetic legs OrthoPets.

Her reaction to trying out her new legs for the first time was the sweetest thing!

“I have no words. I can’t believe it,” Wallace-Griner wrote on Facebook.

Wallace-Griner said she had just planned to let Halo try them on today.

She didn’t plan on having her walk with them on. Let alone start running with them!

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Wallace-Griner gently placed them on Halo so that she would feel safe. But once she got her legs on, Halo wanted to stand with them.

Halo sat with them for a bit and got comfortable. A quick learner, Then she stood up nice and tall all on her own.

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When Wallace-Griner brought out a carpet, Halo immediately took a step onto it with her brand new legs.

And Wallace-Griner was in tears of joy!

“With a big giant pride-filled smile, while I wept (The blubbering starts 5:15),” Wallace-Griner wrote on Facebook.

“It’s been an insane rollercoaster of challenges and emotions over the last year. From the moment I brought this little wounded, 4-week-old, one-legged fluff ball home, I knew she was something special! Look what we did guys. Just look at our Halo go!”

Tons of people cheered and celebrated Halo’s accomplishment. You can watch her for yourself in the video below.

Source: Safe in Austin