‘Oldest cat’ in the UK celebrates 32nd birthday in Norwich

Flossie, a remarkable 26-year-old cat, currently holds the highly coveted title of being the oldest living cat in the world, but things may soon change. Rosie, who is an impressive 32 years old, could soon take over the top spot. Lila Brissett, Rosie’s owner, is understandably thrilled at the possibility of her beloved pet becoming a record holder.


Hey, do you recall our story about Flossie, the 26-year-old cat that made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest cat? Well, we have an update for you! Rosie, a 32-year-old feline from the UK, is about to take over the title and become the new oldest cat.

How pawsome is that? To commemorate this monumental occasion, Rosie’s owner Lila Brissett decided to treat her with a delicious salmon cake. Happy birthday, Rosie!

According to Lila, she’s already consumed half of the cake and expects there to be nothing left by lunchtime, as she was the one who blew out the candles. She mentions that the cat, Rosie, has a human age of 140 years old and has broken all longevity records.

Lila, originally from Norfolk, England, explains that she had cats as she couldn’t have children. Rosie has been with her since birth and has never left her side. Lila attributes Rosie’s long life to lots of love and care, admitting that she’s totally obsessed with her cat.

Rosie was born on June 1, 1991 and has only visited the vet twice in her lifetime, indicating that she is in good health. According to her owner, Rosie is an adorable pet who loves to eat and sleep. Although her owner loves animals, she does not plan on getting more in the future as she cannot walk long distances.

The current oldest cat in the world is Creme Puff, who was born in 1967 and lived until 2005 in Texas, USA, making her 38 years old. However, Rosie is still young at only 32 years old and is awaiting official confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records to break the current record and make history along with Lila.