Neaгly Haiгless Dog Is So White And Fluffy Now

For months, Gardenia roamed the streets of Houston, Texas, trying to survive. This dog’s condition is very pitiful, it is very hungry, thirsty and has lost all its fur.

Gardenia just wanted to find someone to help her get through her dramatic life, that’s when one night she saw a woman in the parking lot and decided to take a chance.

She approached the stranger with pleading eyes, who took pity on her and, after giving her some food, put a chain around her neck.

The woman posted a video of Gardenia on Facebook to find a foster home for lost dogs. Caitie Evers instantly watched the video and made contact.

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«I have been known as a fan of scabies cases. People always send me or tag me in any post about a mange stray dog,” she told Caitie.

Caitie knows that Gardenia’s looks can scare a lot of people, but she’s most likely hiding a sweet little dog that just wants to be loved.

Without hesitation, he picked her up and took her home to rest.

“When you pick them up off the street like that, all they want is to sleep, so I made her comfortable and took her to the vet right away,” Caitie added.

Vets discovered that he was suffering from demodectic mange, a non-contagious form of the skin disease that can be treated with medication.

“He had scabies all over his body, as well as secondary infections, clearly he had been like this for a while. Her whole back was raw,” Caitie revealed.

As Gardenia healed she was clearly uncomfortable with a severe itch.

«She was very shy at first, she was just there passing the time. She didn’t play, and she didn’t snuggle either,” Caitie said.

Fortunately, with antibiotics and medicated baths little by little, Gardenia’s fur began to grow again.

“The poor little dog looked very sad. She seemed like she hated life and she had given it up,” Caitie added.

As the weeks passed, Gardenia began to feel better and her personality began to shine, and that introverted dog became very spontaneous.

“She turned into a very funny dog. She loves to jump, play and she fell in love with my German Shepherd,’ said Caitie.

Caitie knew it was time to think about finding a forever home for Gardenia , and soon her friend Bri Tripaldi mentioned that she was interested in meeting the pooch.

“During the first two weeks it was very difficult to know if there was a change. She now she’s so fluffy and beautiful,” said Caitie.

Bri and her fiancé had been following Gardenia’s story from the beginning and knew that she would make the perfect pet for their family.

“I watched her come out of her shell and become the sweetest little dog. We fell in love instantly,” Bri said.

Now, Gardenia not only looks, but acts like a whole new dog. Her life has been transformed for the better.


On the way home, Bri discovered that Gardenia was the only one, and we joined her in celebrating the adoption by sharing her moving story.