Moments of happiness: 10 things cats adore deeply

Every being certainly has a weakness for certain things that give him pleasure. Your mustachioed – striped pet – is no exception. Of course, everyone has different tastes, but there is something that almost no cat will refuse.

cat showing claws

The editorial staff of Moore TV invites you to get acquainted with 10 things that, if not all, then very many cats like!

No. 1 I go to bed – do not wake

Even the most active cats love to take a nap, but fluffy sloths are out of the question. They like to have sweet dreams while the whole world is bustling around them.

the cat fell asleep

Some cats sleep up to 16 hours a day! It is better not to touch a sleeping pet, because it is really useful for cats to take a nap at any age.

No. 2 Fluffy on the hunt

Nature was arranged so that the cat is a predator. Despite the fact that humanity has tamed this charming creature, its instincts have survived .

on the hunt

That is why do not get angry if the pet looks predatory at a circling dove or lies in wait for a mouse in the grass. This is how this mustachioed-striped one is arranged, and there is no way to eradicate the thirst for hunting in it.

#3 Scratching is the best activity

All owners of claws do not mind sharpening them on sofas or the nearest wall. In many cases, cats mark their territory this way , so don’t be surprised if you find your pet peeling wallpaper.

cat scratching

The most ideal option is to get a scratching post that will help the cat do a “manicure” for itself, but you will save your property!

No. 4 Sunny cat

All cats are very fond of warmth, so they often warm themselves by the fireplace, near the stove, and even under the covers. But pets are especially happy when the sun comes out .

the cat is warming up

Exasperated with happiness, the cat is ready to “sunbathe” under the rays all day long, and he will never get tired of it!

#5 Iron, but not too often

Like people, cats have moods when they want to soak up the arms of their owners. Attention is important to them, and they often ask for it themselves.

However, there are times when a pet is simply not in the mood and may even scratch , so it’s best not to impose your caresses on him.

petting a cat

In addition, there are breeds that are more in need of warmth and attention from the owner, and there are those who prefer to keep their distance.

No. 6 The world through the window

You may have noticed how the cat sits at the window and carefully looks through the glass. This is how the animal cognizes the world and feels itself a part of it. It is very interesting for cats to watch flying birds, circling insects and even a builder who works in the neighborhood.

cat looks out the window

For this reason, experts suggest removing the curtains if they close the window so that the pet can entertain itself while watching the world.

No. 7 Treat delicious

Not a single cat will refuse delicious food, especially if it does not sleep and does not play. Eating is a whole ritual that brings pleasure to the animal, so you should definitely diversify your pet’s diet with new dishes.

cat with a spoon

It may turn out that he has a special love for some products, and this is not only fish, but even fruits and vegetables!

No. 8 I sit high, I look far away

Cats are very fond of climbing trees, because they like the view from above and this feeling of freedom. If there is no garden nearby, your curtain will do, as well as cabinets, from which it is also convenient to view the area.

cat on a tree

We are sure that you do not like such things, which means that it is worth buying a cat play complex , which has everything you need for purring.

#9 Play with me

Games are an important component for a pet, because in the process of this the cat spends energy and strengthens its physical form.

On his own or with other cats, with a ball or toys, chasing with his own tail or a dog living side by side with him – the cat will not miss the opportunity to take his soul and have fun.

the cat is playing

And, of course, the pet will be very happy if you have time to play with him too.

No. 10 We are one family!

Perhaps outwardly, cats seem independent and proud, but almost all of them love their owners very much and need to spend time together. Whether you’re cooking or watching TV, your pet may feel the need for your attention.

cat with baby

Cats show their love in different ways – cuddling, laying their head on your knees and even trying to lick your cheek, climbing onto your shoulders. They just love you, isn’t that the most important thing?