Miracle Story: Tiniest Pit Bull, Who Was Born Different, Is Determined To Grow Up Strong

We get the call…A one day old baby who has a cleft lip and a cleft palette. Sasha weighed just 11 ounces on that first day. She has been named Sasha and she will be fighting for her life.

Babies with cleft palettes cannot stay with their mamas because they are at high risk for aspirating and infection, therefore we reluctantly had to remove Sasha from her mama and siblings and she will need to be tube fed.

Tube feeding in itself is risky and scary and she will be critical for a while. Day 18: Sasha is now 19 days old and still requires tube feeding every 3-4 hours.

Her eyes are now open. Although her ears have grown so much, the ear canals are still closed so she cannot hear yet.

And yesterday, she hit a big milestone and took her first steps. Sasha is still working on getting the hang of this walking thing though.

She is truly going to be something else as she throws hissy fits, and tantrums when she is hungry or strays too far away and can’t find her way back to her foster mom.

What an adventure it has been thus far! Rub a dub dub, a pit in the tub (yeah, yeah, it was really a sink).

She let me know she was not pleased! Day 30: Sweet Sasha say that I am a bully breed but this kitten from Texas is so rough, haha!

My poor puppy! Yet she keeps turning around and going back to the kitten. Lol Day 37: Where’s my dinner Mom. Haha!

Day 42: At just six weeks old, our little girl is taking to her wee wee pad training. Hydrocephalus may have affected the size and growth of her brain,

but she certainly is not slow to learn new things. Day 80: Sasha may not be a classic beauty, but to us she is perfectly imperfect.

Her spirit and drive inspires us each and every day. The human race could learn a lesson about determination and sheer willpower to survive from our little girl.

Sasha has many speed bumps to navigate as she grows older, but we will be there for her every step of the way.

Please continue to keep our itty bitty pittie pup in your thoughts and prayers. We truly believe that our tiny miracle pup can feel the strength, and love resonating from all of her cheerleaders.

Day 120: Sasha is dancing for us!! She is either prancing around because she wants to be picked up, or she does not want to share her bed with a kitty right now.

Sasha is so spoiled! Lol. At 3 and a half months old, Sasha still weighs just 1 pound, 9 ounces. She is a little slower and less peppy than most puppies of her age — but she’s happy and loved.


Article source: Youtube