Meet the Cute Kitten Who Loves His Plush animals Friend

A kindhearted individual stumbled upon a scruffy stray kitten while exploring the attic of their workplace. Sadly, no mother cat or siblings were found nearby. Despite their best efforts, the individual realized that the kitten needed more help than they could provide.

In an effort to give the kitten the care he deserved, they contacted Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a local animal rescue organization. The kitten, who they named Loom, was safely transported into the rescue’s care.

According to Celine Crom of the rescue, Loom was in poor condition upon arrival. He suffered from stomach issues and weighed a mere 360 grams despite being five weeks old, which is severely underweight for his age.

The little feline was famished and parched, but thankfully was swiftly brought to the veterinarian for some much-needed attention. He was treated with fluids, medicine, and lots of tender loving care. The little guy was so feeble that he required assistance with feeding just to stay at a healthy weight. However, he still managed to stay alert and observe everything happening around him. He was grateful for the care he received from his caring attendants.

The tiny kitten was raised by his foster carer who took care of him every two hours and kept him warm with a constant heat source. Thanks to the intensive care provided, the kitten regained his strength after 48 hours and even started eating on his own. To keep the little one from feeling lonely, his foster carer gifted him a plushy companion.

Right from the start, Loom had a fondness for the soft toy and would carry it wherever he went. He enjoyed playing with it, trying to groom it, and even snuggling up to it when he slept. As soon as he learned how to feed from a dish like an adult cat, he would always keep his cuddly companion close by, almost as if it were there to support him.
According to Celine, Loom has now grown into a friendly and loving feline who enjoys mingling with both humans and other cats. He is curious about everything he encounters and will jump into any bag or container that he finds lying around on the floor.

Loom is a lively fellow who constantly seeks out new adventures. He particularly enjoys scaling tall cat trees, always on the lookout for his next daring feat. It’s amazing to see how much he has grown since the first day we met him. Nowadays, Loom can often be found basking in the sun and watching the world go by from the comfort of his window perch.

As soon as exhaustion hits him, he’ll plop down next to his fluffy companion and doze off into a peaceful slumber. The feeling of snuggling up with his reliable plushy and sinking into a cozy pile of blankets brings him immense joy.

Loom is a loving feline who loves to snuggle and cuddle with his owners while they sleep. He is always by their side and even inspects them after they take a shower. Loom is a rescued stray who now lives indoors and has a soft toy to play with, as well as plenty of people to give him love and attention. His cute little chirps let everyone know when he’s looking for someone.