Meet Snoopy, a cɑt with a funny and cute fɑce, is cɑusing a fever on sociɑl networks around the world

Snoopy, a cat with a funny and cute face in China, is causing a fever on social networks around the world.

Currently, Snoopy’s Weibo social media account has more than 274,000 followers and more than 190,000 “fans” on the photo-sharing network Instagram.

Snoopy the cat is getting more and more popular. Photo: CEN

The fever of this 2-year-old cat spread all over the social network Facebook and the owner of the cat has to manage it quite hard because the fans always want to update more of its beautiful pictures.

It is known that Snoopy is a cross between an American short-haired mother cat and a Persian father cat.

Ms. Ning from Sichuan province (China) – the owner of Snoopy – shared that she was very surprised that her pet cat was so loved!

Snoopy’s innocent eyes a thousand hearts love

Snoopy’s dizzying popularity is being seen as a threat to some cat “stars” who were previously dubbed the cutest kittens in the world, like Maru in Japan.

Videos of Maru cats attract millions of views and that popularity has brought him many advertising contracts and representing cat food manufacturers.

However, Snoopy’s cute face with round brown eyes “innocent”, and very fashionable dress of Snoopy is said to soon overwhelm the previous cat stars and it seems that its owner is just waiting. until the day of “scorching”.

Here are some pictures of the cute cat Snoopy: