Meet Louboutina, the Golden Retriever that gives everyone she meets a hug

It all started on a sad Valentine’s day for pet owner Cesar Fernandez-Chavez from Chelsea, New York.

He had just recently ended a long-term relationship when his Golden Retriever named Louboutina (or Loubie, for short) held his hands with both her paws.

According to Fernandez-Chavez, “She started sitting up and grabbing my hands with both of her paws, and then crossing the other paw over her paw”.

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Later on, Loubie started giving him hugs! It didn’t take long before Loubie started giving hugs to strangers during her daily walks.

Word got around and photos started spreading over the Internet, earning Loubie a 165k following on her Instagram page. This is definitely one love-filled dog!

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