Meet Fritter and Beignet, two rescue cɑts who nᴏw spend their dɑys being spᴏiled—as they shᴏuld!

It always blows my mind that some of the most gorgeous cats of all are sitting alone in shelters just wishing for their happy ending. Many times these gorgeous kitties are abandoned, so the thought of that just breaks my heart even more. If you’ve ever rescued a cat before, then you know all too well that these fortunate felines pay you back with endless love in return.

For Fritter and Beignet, a Snowshoe Siamese and a seal point Siamese, they didn’t have an easy start at life. But for them, it seems they had plenty of good fortune in their future by way of two kindhearted men with hearts for cats in despair.

And, as they say, the rest is history. I caught up with Fritter and Beignet’s cat dads hoping to feature their heartwarming story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers, and lucky for me they agreed.

So, everyone meet Fritter and Beignet, two rescue cats who now spend their days being spoiled—as they should!

How did Fritter and Beignet come into your life?

Fritter had a very saucy look for a tiny kitten in his adoption photo. The first thing we noticed was his markings—what kind of magical cat is this? Someone said: he’s a Snowshoe. A Snowshoe?! More magic. When we finally got to meet him he was so sick with a terrible kennel cold. He snuggled right into our arms… and sneezed all over us! We said we have to get this kitten out of here and nurse him back to health. Which we did in short order. He’s still pretty saucy. Especially at 5am when he stands on my chest and says, “Meowwwwww!!” (Translation: “Breakfast—nowwww!”)

During the initial Covid lockdown we thought it would be nice to adopt a younger brother for our boy Fritter. Initially, we hosted a foster kitten and Fritter loved him. But this was not to be our new forever cat. No—we were waiting for the very special, always excited (and HUNGRY), Monsieur Beignet.

Beignet was found all alone on a park bench. He never cries or meows—he meeps. He still loves food but now even more than that he loves belly rubs. He got along with his big brother Mister Fritter from day one. And Fritter? Well, he liked Beignet until Beignet started NURSING on him (no milk from Mr. Fritter, don’t you understand that, kitten?). Fritter had to tell Beignet to “STOP!” Which he did, and now they are besties.

How did Fritter and Beignet get their adorable names?

Fritter was named by the adoption agency and he seemed to recognize his name so we kept it. How fitting too—when he was a kitten and his Snowshoe markings were not in full bloom, he was the color of unfried dough. Now our Fritter is all golden brown like a delicious cinnamon roll! Beignet means Fritter en Francais. The next cat we get will be named Buñuelo! Are you sensing a theme?

What is each of their personalities like?

Mr. Fritter is not an excitable cat. In fact, he’s very chill. He’s vocal—do you speak Siamese?—and is the ring leader of our home’s cat gang.

Beignet is Mr. Fritter’s minion. He’s always tagging along. He loves jumping, climbing, and helping Fritter catch bugs and waking his Daddies if they forget and sleep past 5am. We swear that Beignet smiles, maybe because he is always such a happy cat.

What are their favorite hobbies?

Mr. Fritter’s passion is napping with Daddy Ryan, and long brushing sessions with Daddy Sean. Fritter loves to be brushed. He yells “more!” when we try to stop. Besides that, Fritter has never met a ribbon he didn’t love. Or chase for hours (days?) as long as you don’t move it too fast. A slow ribbon is meawesome!

Beignet’s favorite game is to hide behind the shower curtain where he is sure no one can ever see him. (Of course, if he really wants to hide he should probably put more than just his head behind the curtain.) Then when you least expect it KAPOW! “Aww you got me!” Beignet pounces. “Can we do that again, Daddy?”

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What’s something special you’d like people to know about Fritter and Beignet?

I think the most important thing about Fritter is that he is a companion animal for his Daddy Ryan. Ryan is a Navy Veteran and suffers from PTSD. Fritter is part of his treatment. Ryan has always wanted a cat, especially a Siamese cat, and we were filled with joy when we were allowed to adopt him.

Long story short, we misunderstood the people at Adopt n Shop, and we thought we had to wait till he got better from his kitten cold before we could visit with him. Thankfully that got cleared up and we brought our Fritter to his new home. He has been a great companion to both of us, but his duties as an emotional support animal is a full-time job. So after a few years, we decided to get him a brother. Now Fritter has two jobs, with the most important job as being a big brother.

Beignet is the newest addition to the family and he has grown up quickly. The best thing about him is that he is a super snuggle bug at bedtime. I think he must have watched a lot of Rupaul Drag Race, because when he settles in between our pillows, he does a shablam, often 2 or 3 shablams, before he is ready to drift off. Unlike his brother who is a big time talker, Beignet just makes little meeps and trills. Beignet keeps Fritter on his paws, and completes the family. He has also taken on the responsibility of being an emotional support furr-friend!

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Fritter and Beignet’s cat dads, Ryan Cameron and Sean Carney (AKA Sean Carnage), for allowing me to share their cute cats with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. Can’t get enough of this purrfect pair? Keep up with them here on Instagram