Meet Bowie, the Cute Rescue Kitten with Heterochromatic Eyes that is Taking the Internet by Storm

Bowie, the feline, received his peculiar name due to his distinct appearance. This stunning cat was born with eyes of different colors, and as soon as his adoptive mother, Maria Lloret, saw him, she knew he had to be named after the legendary singer David Bowie, who also had mismatched eyes.

However, David Bowie’s eyes were different due to anisocoria, which is a condition where pupils differ in size, whereas Bowie’s heterochromia results from changes to the pigments in his body, making his eyes appear distinct.

Lloret shares mesmerizing snapshots of Bowie and his extraordinary eyes under the Instagram handle bowie_the_cat, which we all adore. Heterochromia is responsible for the unusual eye color in Bowie, which often leads to different colored eyes in individuals.

When it comes to cats, those with heterochromia are often called “odd-eyed cats.”

It is quite common for odd-eyed cats to have a white coat, however, their color can vary as long as they possess the “white spotting gene”.

Bowie is a fearless and charming feline whose temperament perfectly complements his striking appearance.

Residing in Alicante, Spain, he delights in embarking on thrilling escapades with his beloved mother.

The adorable feline had previously been a street dweller until it was rescued by a veterinary clinic.

After being taken in by Lloret, he has been residing with her without any interruptions.

With his stunning eyes, he has become an online sensation ever since he first graced Instagram.

There is an irresistible quality to those eyes that captivates you.

It brings us immense joy to see that this adorable kitten, who was rescued, is now receiving the affection and care he rightfully deserves.

Source: Boredpanda