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It is accurate to say that cats become family members, so their passing is never simple to bear. Bailey, the protagonist of the best-selling book Bailey, No Ordinary Cat, passed away at the age of 14 due to kidney failure. He was an integral member of his human family and adored his sisters, as did they.


In this moving video, one of the sisters, Abby, can be seen singing to Bailey in his final moments, a hymn she had been singing to him since she learned to speak. It nearly shattered my heart and brought back tearful memories of the passing of my 21-year-old cat.


Abby is only four years old, but she and Bailey have had a close relationship since she was born; all of Abby’s pleasant memories involve Bailey. Please have napkins available…

It is very tragic to realize that this was their final moment together, but at least they shared this special moment together, determined to make every second count.

I believe Bailey was aware of the situation and delighted to be in the arms of someone he cared profoundly about. Here are Abby’s parents when she was about 2 years old:


Then, six months later, something extraordinary occurred, which was unexpected, but it seemed like the right moment to open their hearts and welcome someone with four legs into their family.

In the following video, we see how special Bailey’s relationship with all the females was, and we meet the newest member of their family, A Cat Named Carrot:

Is not it endearing to see the close relationships these girls have formed with their two cats? How fortunate they are to have Carrot in their lives now. I believe that Bailey would approve.


Carrot, like Bailey, has been a social media phenomenon. Her Instagram page currently has more than 291,000 followers (Bailey has 206,000) and continues to grow.


Erin, the mother of the daughters, had not intended for Carrot to follow in Bailey’s footsteps, but I suppose it was fated.

“We had no idea that six months after his demise, Abby and her sister Hannah would be surprised with a kitten, which they promptly named ‘Carrot,’ which I found hilarious,” Erin said.


“I had no intention of creating a Carrot Facebook profile or Instagram account. Never in a million years did I believe I would acquire another cat identical to Bailey.

I worried the girls would be disappointed in the kitten not wanting to do the things Bailey did. I even warned them for months that if we ever acquired another cat, it probably would not behave like Bailey. Here’s Abigail with Carrot the kitten:


But how incorrect Erin was: “Well, I knew we had a special girl within twenty-four hours of adopting Carrot. Female ginger cats are uncommon. I believe that 85 percent of gingers are male. Check it out.” She is correct that female gingers are uncommon, and based on my observations, most ginger cats are extremely affectionate towards their owners.

If you have small children and are considering acquiring a cat, you should consider the fact that cats are always excellent companions.


“I believe my petitions have been answered. Although I do not believe in reincarnation, many people believe that Bailey was reborn as Carrot.

I do believe that God answers petitions, and he did so for me. Our broken souls were mend by carrots. Erin told News4SanAntonio, “When we lost Bailey, we were utterly devastated.”


I believe Carrot and the girls will have a wonderful existence together, and that Bailey will remain in their hearts forever. RIP Bailey