‘Life or deαth situation’ in Florence: Puppies need bottle feedeгs after mom loses υterυs

Puppies at a shelter in Florence need immediate help after their mom had to have her υteгus removed and couldn’t provide milk.

The Florence Area Humane Society said the mama dog came into the shelter Wednesday and gave birth but her υteгus was so badly infected it had to be removed so now she has mastitis and no milk.

This is the story on dec 2022

“These puppies will DIE unless they can find EXPERIENCED BOTTLE FEEDERS!” the shelter said. “We know it’s just before Christmas. but what better way is there to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas than saving a life!”

The shelter said they also have 10 other puppies and very little wet and dry puppy food and puppy milk.

Their page later then give update about the response from the generous peoples.