Kitten finds loving big brothers in German Shepherd and Golden Retriever

A kitten has two of the best dogs as best friends. Rocky is the German Shepherd of the group, and he is letting his parental side show with this adorable little kitten.

This feline friend must feel so protected next to these gentle giants. It is so heartwarming to see these animals get along so well. Their love for each other is powerful and genuine.

The kitten is so comfortable with his two brothers beside him, and Rocky and the Golden Retriever Baily are so sweet. It is so cute how both dogs start grinning simultaneously when the kitten stretches.

The dogs are so relaxed with him, and the kitten seems super content and happy. These animals were raised with lots of love and cuddles to give each other such a devoted friendship.

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It is so cute how the kitten sticks by Rocky so closely; there is undoubtedly a special bond between them. The two dogs love their little feline brother, and with these two protective pups as his big brothers, no one will ever bully this kitten! This posse is the most adorable gang ever! So sweet! Rocky loves to nurture his little bro!

I love the way the kitten stretches across Rocky toward the end! The two of them look so cozy together! Rocky almost seems to gently kiss the kitten’s forehead as he makes little air biscuits! Too adorable! Watch this video if you love to see friendships between all species of animals. Such a precious little group!

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