Jack Russell Teгrieг and Mini-Schnauzeг are little bigsһots on this farm

Luke at his dog care farm treats all his dog friends with love and respect. But, unlike the other dogs, he has some small dogs hanging at his farm as they come every fortnight. So, they like to hang around the farm a bit more than usual.

The cute little dogs rush out of the bus and run towards the dam. They take a quick dip in the water and follow their favorite human around. It is a special day today at the dog daycare as they were celebrating the birthdays of 3 beautiful girls at the farm.

The dogs loved to follow Luke everywhere. Even Luke likes to play with these adorable little souls who love him with all their hearts. All the dogs playing with Luke is a sight that should not be missed by any dog lover.

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The dogs looked so adorable chasing him. Luke would make them run around, trying to attract them with a red ribbon in his hand. The most social of them all was the brown dachshund, who loved to kiss Luke all over his face.

All the dogs found it very amusing to chase after Luke’s bike as he went around the customized tunnels in the field. Luke is also joined by his sweet little girls Elle and Evie. They help their dad to care for all the little dogs. They play with the dogs in the sand and love to cuddle with them.

Later on, the dogs have a great time at the big pool as they swim in the water. None of the dogs are scared and have a relaxing time at the pool. Luke makes sure he is in the collection to protect the dogs if needed. They even get a bath and are cared for by Luke.

All the dogs are now ready to celebrate the birthdays of Kinnie the Mini Schnauzer, Ruby the Cavoodle & Daphne the Jack Russell Terrier. The birthday treats are specially prepared by Luke, and the dogs love the food prepared for them.

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