It is very heartbreaking to see the mother dog tied and left while giving birth on her alone in the rain

Pregnant small mama was tied into a tree; had to give birth to 4 puppies under the rain

Today, on my way to work (I am an IT worker), I happened to see a dog giving birth on the street.

She was tied up in front of the roadside gate in Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do. She just gave birth to babies, her tail still covered in blood. A baby still has the umbilical cord. They were completely abandoned. Too pitiful!

I couldn’t hold back the emotional tears. She gave birth to 4 puppies in the rain, she was even tied to a tree so she couldn’t enter the house.

Nothing to protect, rotten food, no water to drink. Careless owners have neglected these kids. But he is still very calm.