Introducing Grandpa, the Cute Kitten Who Captured the Internet’s Hearts with His Special Look and Personality

A short while back, Stephanie Medao had an interesting encounter as a foster parent for Stray Cat Alliance. She received word about a unique kitten that had just been born within a few hours’ time. Regrettably, the newborn kitten was born with a cleft palate and hind legs that were twisted, and his previous owners were quite worried about his health. Upon being examined by a veterinarian, it was suggested that the kitten be put to sleep since he had very slim chances of survival due to his congenital defects.

The people who had the kitten before didn’t have the knowledge to take care of a kitten with his health problems, even after getting a full diagnosis. But, despite this, they tried to help the kitten as much as they could since he showed a strong will to live and had a good appetite. This is how Stephanie found out about the kitten’s situation. Luckily, the previous owners were able to give up the kitten through a mutual friend, and Stray Cat Alliance, an organization Stephanie volunteers for, agreed to help too. Medao was excited to take on the job.

Bored Panda had the opportunity to interview Stephanie and learn more about the situation. She had taken in the kitten and noticed that he had a unique appearance resembling that of an elderly person. Without hesitation, Stephanie decided to name him ‘Grandpa’. For additional information, check out Stephanie’s Instagram or visit

According to Stephanie’s account on Bored Panda, Grandpa was born on March 20, 2021, but his owners noticed that his legs were twisted. They took him to a veterinarian who later diagnosed him with a cleft palate.

The veterinarians recommended putting the animal down due to its low probability of recovery.

Another thing to consider is that Grandpa may have difficulty moving around due to his deformed legs, which could make it harder for him to locate his mother’s nipple on his own.

To ensure his safety, a feeding tube is necessary for Grandpa as he may suffer from aspiration if fed with a bottle. In addition, his legs are twisted and require massages every few hours. This is because his tendons are short, causing them to pull his legs backward. The massages elongate the tendon and may eventually help his legs adjust on their own as he grows. Grandpa spends most of his time napping or eating regularly with massages and belly rubs in between. Despite having a slim chance of survival, Stephanie and Grandpa have been putting in dedicated efforts for the last few weeks, and it seems to be paying off in positive ways.

The kitten, named Grandpa, may need to undergo one or multiple surgeries to correct his cleft palate and wear leg splints if necessary in the future. However, there’s good news as he has just opened his eyes for the first time two days ago! Interestingly, Grandpa’s facial expression perfectly matches his name as he seems “so over it.”