If you think it’s a stray cat… Home visit of “Bobcat Family” becomes a hot topic

One day, a small family suddenly appeared at their home. A valuable video that must be said to be a superb view has become a hot topic all over the world.

It wasn’t the cat that suddenly appeared at home…

The bobcat is a medium-sized cat that is said to live from southern Canada to northeastern Mexico. It has black fringed ears and gray to brownish fur, and its appearance resembles that of a lynx.

In recent years, there are people overseas who live with bobcats, but it is said that their wildness, coupled with their size, cannot be compared to common domestic cats. However, there are still many feline fans who yearn to live with a bobcat.

Bobcat has such many fans, but the other day a woman living in Santa Fe, New Mexico posted on Facebook that “A wild bobcat is relaxing at home!”

There were many voices of envy and excitement.

Bobcat family relaxing through the window

Cathy, who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is astonished to see the sight reflected in her window.

There is certainly a bobcat family relaxing nearby! Mama and her three little bobcats are right by your side, albeit through the window.

And then I found 2 more at home! A wild bobcat family who spends their time as if they were relaxing at home. There is also a video of a mom giving milk to her babies.

Unexpected visitor Cathy Maniscalco also posted, “I have Bobcat Mama and 3 of my 5 kittens on my wall! The other 2 were in the portal John took. Amazing!!! This could be a picture of the future!” commented excitedly.

The Bobcat family stayed at Cassie’s house for a while, but it seems that they went somewhere at night.

The children were very friendly, and it seems that they appealed, “Let me in the house!” while tapping the window . She didn’t want to upset her mother, so she was watching through the window.