Iпdiaп Giaпt Sqυiггel – Coloгfυl Sqυiггels Almost Too Beaυtifυl To Be real!

They definitely aren’t your average backyard squirrels – Just stunning 

Looks like it’s been to that Indian festival where everyone gets covered in paint 
The Malabar giant squirrels are unique not only because of their large size, which is significantly larger than that of common squirrels, nearly twice the size of the eastern gray squirrel but also because of their distinct coat. It’s a work of art that features a variety of colors, including black, brown, orange, chestnut, and purple.

When squirrel expert John Koprowski first saw them, he couldn’t believe his eyes!

These vibrant colors and intricate patterns are not only pleasing to the eye but also aid in their survival in the wild. Because patches of color and patches of dark colors are excellent adaptations for avoiding detection in the shade of a dense forest. But they pop in the sunlight!

Purple and purple shades are known to be uncommon in mammals, making them even more unique!

The Malabar giant squirrel rarely visits the ground and prefers to live high in the forest canopy, jumping from tree to tree and sometimes jumping more than 20 feet! They also live a very healthy lifestyle, eating fruits, flowers, nuts, and bark as well as insects and bird eggs.

Because they are usually deep in the jungles of eastern or southern India, we have a difficult time seeing these colorful and unique creatures.

How amazing the coat of many colours.

Hand designed & painted by the Creator of all!! Matches any decor 

Hopefully, this unique species will not be in danger of extinction! The colors of their fur is too gorgeous!!! God makes wonderous variety and never ceases to amaze and surprise!

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