Husky’s Kiпd Gestuгe Towaгd Mom While Meetiпg new Baby Sisteг Is Goiпg Viгal (video)

The way this husky holds her baby human sister while they sleep is priceless! Daisy loves her husky dog Millie so much. In fact, she looks like she’s going to be overcome with joy when Millie walks into the room.

But, when Millie hops onto the bed with Daisy, the baby really gets excited. She can’t stop smiling and her giggles are so cute. The feeling is obviously mutual because Millie plops down next to Daisy like the most contented pup in the world.

As the two of them cuddle on the bed, they look more than adorable. Sweet Daisy is so cute when she pets her dog that you can’t help but smile while watching the two of them get ready for sleepy time.

Millie is so gentle with Daisy when she lays down next to her. She rolls on her side while the baby pets her and doesn’t look like she intends to move. The way she snuggles down with the little girl will melt your heart.

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As the two get ready to go to sleep, they look very content to share the bed. Both of them snuggle up close as they get ready to drift off to dreamland. Daisy is such a lucky baby to have an adorable nighttime guardian like Millie watching over her while she sleeps.

When Daisy does finally drift off to sleep, Millie hugs her little human sister between her front paws and holds her snuggled up close. As the baby drifts off, Daisy continues to keep her wrapped between her paws.

Finally, the two of them fall asleep together. They are so cute. All babies deserve to have a sweet cuddle bug of a dog keeping them safe while they sleep. Daisy is such a lucky baby to have Millie in her life.

We hope you enjoy their adorable video. It doesn’t get any cuter than these two sweethearts. As always, please feel free to share with your friend.