Huge wolf dog and tiny puppy play adorably with each other – video

Smokey is a 57-pound wolfdog and Charlie is a 10-week-old German Shepherd puppy weighing about 9 pounds. You’d think the wolf was too big and strong to play with Charlie without an accident. 

However, this is far from the case!

Weighing in at over 50 pounds, Charlie plays with Smokey without fear, and Smokey is as gentle and careful as can be!

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Smokey spends most of his time lying on his back and just letting Charlie climb on him. He even wags his tail often to show that he enjoys playing with Charlie. 

In the video, we can also see them playing together for a few minutes, then Charlie needs a short break and then goes for a drink.

He’ll be back soon and they’ll continue playing adorably!

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