Hotel Cat Wants Human Attention After Bidding Farewell to Outdoor Life

A feline that was on the lookout for some TLC outside a Hampton Inn, decided it was time to bid farewell to the great outdoors forever.

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Hampton the cat is a resilient feline who has endured the harsh realities of surviving on the streets. Despite being a long-haired Persian who should have lived a comfortable life indoors, he found himself without a home. The disheveled cat would often meow at people passing by, expressing his desire for help and affection. Fortunately, a few kind-hearted individuals visiting the area recognized his plight and decided to take action. With the power of social media, they appealed to the public for assistance in providing Hampton with the medical attention he needed. Luckily, Claudia, a dedicated foster volunteer from Caitie’s Foster Fam, saw the post and immediately offered her assistance.

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Claudia rushed to the hotel after receiving a call about a cat meowing for attention outside. Within 20 minutes, she arrived and saw that the feline, later named Hampton, was not in good shape. His fur was terribly matted and pulling on his skin, while he was covered in fleas and dirt. He also had bald spots, which concerned Claudia about his health.

stray cat hampton

Caitie’s Foster Fam
The poor cat was in a sorry state when Claudia found him. It seemed that someone had tried to assist him at some point, but gave up halfway through or he fled from them. His skin was tender and sensitive, and he looked miserable. To top it off, he was severely underweight. Thankfully, Claudia was able to rescue him from the parking lot and transport him in a cat carrier.

persian cat hampton

Caitie’s Foster Fam
Initially, Hampton (named after a hotel) was quite nervous, but as soon as they reached home, he felt at ease. The familiarity of having a roof over his head and access to food and comfort was something he had been longing for. Claudia, the foster mom, said that he quickly realized that she was there to help him and that his days on the street were finally over. The moment when he discovered that he had his own litter box was especially heartwarming.

persian cat hampton

As soon as he arrived at Caitie’s Foster Fam, Hampton felt right at home. He was ecstatic about all the luxurious amenities available to him and it seemed like he had been eagerly waiting for this moment for a while. Hampton quickly settled down and started to show his contentment by relaxing and giving slow blinks to his new foster mom.

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Caitie’s Foster Fam took in a furry guest named Hampton who was believed to be around 4-5 years old. He was treated to a luxurious spa day and came out sporting an adorable lion cut, which clearly made him feel better. Claudia, who is caring for Hampton, has been giving him all the attention and care he needs to ensure his well-being and happiness.

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The foster family of Caitie is happy to report that after a few weeks of recovery, their foster pet is now in good health and high spirits.

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According to Claudia from Love Meow, Hampton has gained some weight and his fur has grown back after being groomed. He wakes up every day energized and ready to eat and take naps at Caitie’s Foster Fam.

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Hampton is thoroughly enjoying his new life as an indoor cat in Caitie’s Foster Fam. He seems to have adapted quite easily to living with other animals, and is particularly fond of playing with stringy toys and taking naps by the window. Not to mention, he absolutely adores being held! Whenever someone picks him up, he becomes instantly relaxed, leaning in for some affectionate head rubs.

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Caitie’s Foster Family
Hampton, who had spent some difficult days wandering aimlessly on the streets, is now enjoying every bit of his time in the company of his human and furry companions in the cozy surroundings of a caring home.

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