Honey, a dog blind in both eyes, was rescued from a field of wild grass. She found medical help and her life took an extraordinary turn!

Two volunteers from Diasoz® Animal Rescᴜe (DAR) were there collecting stray animals in a nearby village when they noticed something lying in the weed.

She couldn’t move, and when one of the rescuers caught her, she felt like one of her eyes had been ripped out.

It’s an almost unconscious thing loaded into the truck.

there was no way to save his eyes.

The next step was to operate on her eye, but she was still too weak to undergo the operation.

The little girl was too weak to eat or drink alone, but the veterinary team was delighted and helped her.

EƖa is a brave young woman!

She slept for a few days after the operation, but suddenly she got up!

Look at this beautiful item!

The lovely girl went to the clinic to receive medical assistance and then something extraordinary happened!

Honey has a new name and a new life, and she’s doing great.

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