His large tummy caused him to lose his joy, and his innocent face is now filled with worry

I was contacted today to come help a puppy that was loaded with parasites. I said to myself…“this is going to be easy” NOT!

The minute I arrived, this little puppy could not even walk with the heavy weight from his belly, and could not even breathe. I knew it was something more serious than parasites.

I took Yophiel today for ultrasounds and I am still waiting to hear from the vet about his findings, and what is the next step to take in order to help him.

This tiny boy has already been seen by FOUR different vets in less than 24 hours, and they are all as speechless of his condition as I am…

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Last night, he cried as soon as the lights were off, making such a pitiful noise, Baby Yophiel should have been running in an open field, or swimming so happy in this beautiful sunny Bahamas…instead,

he spent most of the day hospitalized having fluids drained from his enormous belly. The ultrasound revealed his heart is enlarged, and so is his liver and spleen.

There is not much the vets can do for him on the island, so I am getting him airlifted to the States next week, in hopes to find better answers for this sweet little boy.

If God is merciful, he will bless Yophiel with health, so I can see him living a beautiful life with a family that truly loves him,

and I would not have to worry so much for his future. Day 15: Yophiel is now receiving the best medical treatment and thriving in foster care. Just look at his remarkable transformation photos!

Article and Image Source: Animal Rescue