Her owner had her euthanized, but her purple furs reveal her terrible hidden past.

An experienced veterinarian at Vet Ranch, an animal clinic, was shocked after seeing a little dog named Violet, with purple fur and covered with numerous bite wounds! The dog was delivered to the clinic to be euthanized by its owner, who claimed that she had been mauled by a larger dog!

Ask the vet, Dr. Owner’s curry if violet is used as bait because purple usually means that. But the owner said it was dyed purple after being swept for her right. But Violet is pushed to her death after not receiving medical attention for weeks!

So, Violet was given antibiotics and painkillers for over a week and finally recovered after 12 days. In the video below you can see the difference between Violet from the moment she arrived at the clinic and now. What a great transformation!

Fortunately, Violet has been adopted by a sweet woman named Kelly and will go on to live with her mother and Peanuts, a female Jack Russell. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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