Heαrt wαrming video! This dog deserves both husband of the year and father of the year awards

These dogs have great human family. They’re obviously loved, well cared for and very well trained. If we love and teach our human children to love and serve others besides themselves, we, as a society, will be be much better off tomorrow. Heαrt wαrming video!

Thanks! Not only this dog is taking care of his wife and kids he’s also taking care of the earth dude this dog is a legend I adore golden retrievers. I always had the couple and they gave me very beautiful cαnine family satisfaction. They diᴇd 6 or 8 years ago and my heαrt still aches when I remember.


The female, even one day before she diᴇd, was barely walking but she wanted to go out to be thrown her favorite toy, and still with tears in my eyes I took her. My heαrt still cries when I remember her.

I have not yet wanted to have another partner, but as my retirement approaches, I think I will need that affection. Whoever trained him I need you to train my husky, that Golden retriever is GOLDEN Such an awesome dog. God bless him n all who take care of him. I like how the dog knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s a good father.

Thank you so much for taking care of your pets. What a smart papa dog. Mama dog is a truly blessed dog. He treats her better than most human husbands treat their wives​