He lay miseгably oп the stгeet fightiпg with huпgeг aпd пo oпe caгes (video)

this Little dog is proof that love can heαl anything.

This unfortunate puppy was left alone and crippled. He has amputated legs and lives on the street in the bitterly cold snow. 

He is teггibly undernouгished and lacking in calcium. Baby’s name is Yamur!

It’s so tragic. Look at those markings; what a gorgeous pup this is. Really sweet

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It’s a good thing your work is finished because there is enough to talk and enjoy about! Godspeed with this effort!

Read some positive comments:

How someone could leave a sweet dog like this abandoned baffles me. They are simply insane. Just some love and care were required for this adorable little dog. I’m grateful that you saved him and gave him the life he deserved.