Great Dane gives birth to near-record 21 puppies in 27 hours

Great Dane Dog is a special breed of domestic dog found in America. Which is also known for giving birth to more children. A dog of this breed has given birth to 21 children within 27 hours. In doing so, this Great Dane dog has taken the world record in its name.

Gave birth to 21 children within 27 hours

It took Namine over a day to finish bringing her 21 babies into the world, however two of them sadly died shortly after birth

According to media reports, these dogs are very famous for raising in America. The price of their puppies ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 12,000. On the other hand, an ordinary dog can give birth to maximum of 12 children simultaneously, but a Great Dane breed dog in Virginia city of America has given birth to 21 children in 27 hours, setting a world record.

Dog’s owner Tanya Dubs says that her Great Dane breed dog named Namine was injured in a road accident in December last year. The puppies she has given birth to, we will wean them after a few weeks and sell them. By doing this they will get a good price. The money will benefit Tanya Tass County Animal Shelter.

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Out of 21, 9 were male and 12 were female.

According to a report published in the year 2017 by Pets Word, the cost of a Great Dane puppy ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 12,000, although now its cost may also increase. Whereas Great Dane dogs are about 2.6 feet tall. If they are made to stand by holding their feet, then their length can be up to 6 feet. Their weight can be up to 45 kg.

Tanya, the owner of the Great Dane dog, who created a world record for producing more puppies, says that she was surprised to see the number of puppies being born. It gave birth to first 16 children. After this, Namine gradually gave birth to 5 more puppies. Of the 21 puppies, 9 were male and 12 were female.


Source: Dailymail, informalnewz