Grandma becomes a star guest for three adorable and fluffy Malamutes

If you have ever owned a pet, you would understand how it feels to come home and get a hug from these beautiful and innocent beings. Your pets can make you forget all the worries and stress in your life with their hugs and licks.

Emma-Leigh Matthews and her husband Shane own three malamutes Phil, Niko, Teddy Bear, and a Maine Coon cat called Milo. They also have a beautiful little daughter Amelia (Nickname – Mia).

Recently Mia’s grandmother paid a visit to the Matthews Malamute Family. For the three malamutes, their grandmother visiting them was very similar to a celebrity visiting their house. As soon as they realized that she was home, the three got excited and started to bark loudly at the door.

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Emma understood that her pets wanted to meet their grandmother and asked the three malamutes to follow her. All her pets followed Emma to the kitchen and entered the beautiful garden area through the backdoor. Their grandmother was sitting on a vast couch and was waiting for these beautiful furry animals.

All the three malamutes got excited to see their grandmother and hopped on the couch to hug her. Niko was excited to meet grandma, but she sat on the sofa waiting to kiss granny. Meanwhile, Phil walked up to grandma and started to kiss her.

He was so excited that he started to cry. Teddy joined in but soon moved away as he found a ball to play with. Niko waited until grandma called her. She loved the belly rubs her grandma gave. Phil joined grandma again and gave her nose nibbles. Later grandma even met Milo and Mia, who were super excited to see her.

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