Following the tгagic eaгthquake, a couгageous dog is rescued from the ruins after being stranded without escape for 90 hours

A dog has been rescued from the rubble of the Turkey earthquake after being buried for 90 hours.

The pet, named Pamuk, became trapped after the biggest natural disaster in more than two decades shook the region, killiпg more than 20,000 people and leaving tens of thousands homeless and huпgry.

Pamuk had been trapped for more than three days(AFP via Getty Images)

Pamuk drank water offered by rescuers as they tore away at the heavy debris left by the 7.8-magnitude tremor and powerful aftershocks.

The dog whines as the rescue continued, with some of those helping trying to calm the dog down by stroking it.

Once the pooch is freed, a high-vis clad man tenderly picks it up and carries it to safety.

The video shows several rescue workers removing debris and rubbles to get the dog out. One of them also tried giving some water to the animal that had been stuck under the rubble for several hours.

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