Fishermen reuniting with their lost dog in the sea, tears of joy flowed

An Australian fisherman called Alfonse Attard was out one-day with Jack, his Jack Russell to have a trip in the sea.

When they were in the boat, the water started to leak which caused the boat to be capsized causing Attard and his dog to be thrown into the sea.

Thankfully, out of nowhere, Attard was seen by Trever Borg and his father Laurie, 2 other fishermen and decided to help him. Fortunately, they were able to bring him to shore, but he then panickily told them about his dog, who has been his pet for almost 18 years.

So, Volunteers were sent back out in the water by the Altona Life Saving and water police in search of Jack.

One volunteer turned the boat over and found the dog inside it so he was able to rescue him which took about an hour. The dog was then taken to reunite with his elderly owner which was a heartwarming reunion.

Watch the video below