Felix the Cat Hero is now a Senior Pest Controller and is responsible for securing Huddersfield Train Station

Felix, a much-loved feline who has been keeping Huddersfield Railway Station rodent-free for nearly five years, has recently been promoted by TransPennine Express as recognition for her outstanding commitment to duty.

Her new title is Senior Pest Controller, and she has been awarded a high-vis jacket and a name badge for her efforts. Felix has become a fixture at the station since 2011, where she has struck up a rapport with commuters and earned rewards of cat treats for her diligent mousing activities.

A much-loved cat, who has been guarding a railway station in West Yorkshire for nearly five years, has recently been honored with a promotion as a recognition of her hard work and commitment to the job.

Since she was a tiny feline, she has been an essential and well-liked part of the crew at the station, ensuring that there are no pests around.

TransPennine Express has awarded Felix, a black and white cat, the title of Senior Pest Controller. Felix was hired as a nine-week-old kitten to ensure that platforms are free from rodents. However, some challenges were encountered when barriers erected to catch fare dodgers prevented her from performing her duties.

Luckily, the train operators noticed the problem and installed a unique cat flap to enable Felix to bypass the barriers. Since then, the feline has been able to fulfill her role without any issues. Over time, she has won the support of her colleagues and the hearts of commuters. Felix is even famous on social media, with over 4,000 followers on her Facebook page. She now wears a high-vis jacket and name badge to signify her important role.

According to the staff, Felix is not just a cat, but instead, an integral part of their family. Even though she tends to assert her authority, they still love and adore her.

Thanks to her dedicated efforts, Felix has earned herself a personal cat flap and has stolen the affection of passersby.

Felix has been a dedicated employee of Huddersfield Railway Station for almost a decade, having started his tenure way back in 2011.

Felix, a black and white cat, has been promoted to Senior Pest Controller at Huddersfield Railway Station after serving for almost five years. The promotion was given by TransPennine Express as recognition of her dedication to the job. As part of her promotion, Felix has been given a new high-visibility jacket and a name badge.

She has been working at the station since 2011, where she has been busy catching mice and charming commuters with her daily presence. Felix was brought to the station as a nine-week-old kitten to carry out the important duty of keeping the platforms free from pests. She has gained thousands of followers on her Facebook page, where she shares her daily adventures.

In this image, we see an adorable cat being cuddled by Andy McClements, who is the leader of the customer service team. On his left stands Andy Croughan, the station manager while Chris Bamford, a customer services assistant, stands on his right.

According to the employees, Felix is frequently spotted on the main floor during peak hours.

Prepared for her spotlight moment, the furry quadruped has amassed a following at the TV network.

According to Chris Bamford, a friendly Customer Services Assistant at the station, the promotion is a wonderful gesture of appreciation for Felix’s hard work. After almost five years of loyal service, she definitely deserves this special recognition. Besides, Felix has a positive impact on everyone she meets and always manages to put a smile on their faces.

When she was just a kitten, the diligent feline was bestowed with a moniker that presumed her gender to be male by her caretakers.

Throughout the years, numerous train stations in the United Kingdom have employed cats to manage the population of mice.

Day or night, the Huddersfield employee remains vigilant, ensuring that the station is free from pesky rodents both indoors and outdoors.

Felix, the friendly feline, makes himself comfortable by sitting next to commuters as they wait for their train to arrive, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The customers feel at ease with Felix in their company, as if they were in the comfort of their own home. This has been reported by dailymail.co.uk.