Every day, Doggo looks forward to receiving a hug from his favourite mailman

Moose is a charming golden retriever puppy who is still under the age of two, and he is defying the traditional assumption that dogs despise mailmen.

Moose doesn’t just like his mailman; he adores him.
A new mailman was assigned to carry mail to Moose and his family’s residence a few weeks ago, and it was love at first sight for Moose.

Moose has been pleased since the new mailman arrived. He’s so pleased about his new pal that he’s started waiting for him in the driveway. Fortunately for Moose, the mailman appears to reciprocate his feelings.

Moose’s family has shared a few lovely clips on Instagram of him patiently waiting for the mailman and bursting with joy when he eventually arrives.

Moose loves and licks his new best buddy, and the mailman reciprocates with loving pats and scratches.

Moose’s tail begins to wag in anticipation at the sight of the mailman’s automobile.

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The utter joy he gets when he sees his pal is visible in each movie and is enough to soften even the hardest hearts.

Moose patiently waits outside to see his companion, even when the driveway is covered with snow.

The mailman offers Moose unmeasurable delight, and Moose is a highlight of the mailman’s route.

Moose’s pet mom, Meghan Gruszynski, told the Dodo, “He loves how much affection Moose gives him every time he’s out on his route.”

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Gruszynski also stated that the mailman’s dog died a time ago.

This strengthens Moose and the mailman’s relationship; we’re sure the mailman’s pup is relieved to know that Moose is ensuring that the mailman receives the genuine love and attention that only pups can provide.

Moose’s family is overjoyed that Moose and the mailman have found such delight in one other and enjoy seeing their morning ritual unfold.

People are gaining love and strength from their amazing friendship as well; many people have commented on the footage of Moose greeting the mailman and mentioned how happy it makes them.

There’s something exhilarating about seeing their pure excitement and love, and we believe their friendship will continue to provide joy not only to them but to everyone around them.

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